So David Cameron and George Osborne are in India, busy getting on one of the most important bandwagons of recent times.

Having spent this year researching the future of Indian Science and Innovation for The Atlas of Ideas, I have to agree with quite a few of the conclusions they are drawing so far in their articles for the Guardian and the Times and reports on the BBC and in the FT.

Cameron says we need a new ‘special relationship’ with India. I think Britain needs to shake itself out of thinking that it already has one. We mustn’t mistake our long history with India for a natural partnership at a time when the USA is doing a far better job of multiplying links, whether they are through the US venture capital being ploughed into India or the 62,000 or so Indian students who are channeled into America’s universities each year.

Our two ‘special friends’ are getting on far better than us. If we don’t start acting strategically, rather than just sending endless delegations to figure out what is going on, we are going to start feeling like a bit of a gooseberry.




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