I finally bothered to look at it today. After staring at the growing number of slightly bizzare posters on the tube recommending that I reconsider my search habits I thought I'd check it out.

I don't know what I expected. I suppose, following the Linuxy type aesthetic of the posters, I thought I'd find a site explaining why I should lose my devotion to Google. Giving me one credible reason why I should choose one algorithm over another.

I didn't. Instead I found one of the most pathetic excuses for an attempted political movement that I have seen. The idea seems to be that in order to avoid a situation where Google controls my mind I should use another search engine. Just because references to 1984 made gave one particular company one of the most successful brands in history, doesn't mean it will work for everyone. Clearly.

On one level this is awful because the logic in the argument holds together about as well as the Taye Bridge in high winds. It is not only insulting but also slightly worrying that anyone is expected to take it seriously.

On another it is sinister. The idea that a public affairs company should be hired by a search engine to start a pseudo political movement that furthers their ends is not new. However, a corporation with a market capitalisation of $9.63 Billion claiming to be the voice of revolution leaves a very sour taste in the mouth.

What is most worrying about this is not a company is using devious means to make a profit (Praise be to Capitalism) nor that advertising execs wouldn't recognise modus tollens if it repeatedly slapped them round the face screaming "I am an argument". No. What is most worrying is that there exists the possibility that such pathetic forms of dissent are even contemplated in our society. It Asks  questions of our society, and the state of our political system, and of our democracy if  such meaningless tokenism counts as a political identity. I sincerely hope that this campaign (no doubt well researched) turns out to be mistaken in its assumption that political identity need only look cool and mean nothing to be embraced by a people enchanted by appearance, bored by real political discussion, and disengaged from real issues.

Make Poverty History anyone?

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