Those that attended our event - 'New Perspectives on Chinese Innovation' last week have possibly saved themselves from reading the upcoming 600 page OECD Report on China' s innovation system thanks to a highly informative presentation by Gang Zhang, the Principal Administrator at the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry.

Thank you also to Richard Halkett, Simon Collinson, Nikolas Rose, Rushanara Ali and David Tyfield who provided insightful presentations on a range of areas and themes that form different parts of China's ambitious innovation agenda (Click on speakers' names to download their presentation if slides were used).

We were delighted that the event proved a fruitful arena for more networking and exchange between the many UK-based projects now working in this field. As our collective knowledge and understanding grows, it is vital that we share experiences, advice and opportunities to further strengthen the UK-China relationship through innovation. Demos is alway happy to help facilitate such exchange.

A big thank you to NESTA, AIM Research, the Asia Pacific Technology Network and the China-Britain Business Council for their support of this event.

Daniel Foa

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