I'm here researching for Atlas of ideas, but today is Sunday, so I hope I'm forgiven for not writing a lot about science and technology.

I made it to Seoul a day late because my connecting flight was so delayed that I missed the last Saturday night flight to Korea! (I heart travel) But it made the arrival all the sweeter, and I've had a wander, checked into the hotel, and met my British hosts for a lovely meal.

I can't help but compare Seoul to Tokyo. Similar food stalls on the streets, a Shibuya-like shopping/restaurant area packed with people, and of course the inevitable gadget-y toilets. The Korean accent and intonation even sound like Japanese (the grammar is very similar too). Apparently, if you're interested, the clothes are cheaper than Tokyo (so said my friend Keiko from Japan, who was visiting for the weekend.) I only had 20 minutes to talk to her so apologies for not getting any more interesting comparisons!

I have seen a couple PCs in odd places, but no evidence yet of the massive gaming culture I've heard about. I am visiting the Ubiquitous Dream Hall tomorrow, though (can't wait!), so I'll ask around...

Not many photos on Flickr yet, but here are some first impressions.

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