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First off, Tom posted a story about Access2Democracy, a new e-democracy NGO launched by leader of the Greek socialist party George Papandreou. The posting itself would be unremarkable (no offence Tom) were it not for the flurry of comments it prompted. In and amongst a series of arguments about whether or not the internet genuinely did permit new forms of democratic deliberation, there was an unassuming but robust defence of his position from Mr Papandreou himself. Okay so it’s hard to ...

Posted by Paul Joseph on 30 May 2004
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Congratulations to the BBC!

The BBC has announced that it is definitely going ahead with the Creative Archive project, which is great news. Larry Lessig will be on the panel advising them and (like Demos) they're going to base access to content on the Creative Commons licence. It's a brave and brilliant move - so congratulations to all involved!

Posted by Paul Miller on 27 May 2004
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Disablism - a new Demos report - is out today to coincide with the launch of Scope's Time to Get Equal campaign. Disablism isn't a word you'll find in the dictionary, but it was something that all the disabled people we spoke to and worked with on the project recognised very strongly as part of their experience. There's a good piece on BBC News Online about the launch and the report. Also a piece in the Scotsman about David Blunkett's speech at the launch, and a piece in t...

Posted by Paul Miller on 26 May 2004
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The impact of the new young

Having studied in Leeds, and lived in Headingley along with the rest of the 74,000 strong student population, the pattern is starkly apparent and the figures must be much higher than the national averages above. As well as the economic issues concerned with students renting in the housing market, I would venture to suggest that this reflects a strong social divide as well. How many families (let alone OAPs) want to endure the noise, disruption and not infrequent heroic acts of drunkenness by ...

Posted by James Page on 26 May 2004
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The dangers of the rear view mirror

'A black swan is an outlier, an event that lies beyond the realm of normal expectations. Most people expect all swans to be white because that's what their experience tells them; a black swan is by definition a surprise. Nevertheless, people tend to concoct explanations for them after the fact, which makes them appear more predictable, and less random, than they are. Our minds are designed to retain, for efficient storage, past information that fits into a compressed narrative. This ...

Posted by Paul Miller on 25 May 2004
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A Child's Place

Our joint report with Green Alliance has received quite a lot of coverage. The Guardian has a piece today, there was a piece in the Independent on Sunday yesterday and we're also mentioned by the BBC.The report will be launched on Wednesday.

Posted by on 24 May 2004
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Fifty is the new thirty

There's a piece in the Observer today which mentions our Silver Service project due out in July.

Posted by Paul Miller on 23 May 2004
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George Papandreou, now Leader of the Opposition and President of PASOK, the Greek Socialist Party, launched a new NGO at a conference in Athens this week. Access2Democracy grew out of last year's Greek presidency of the EU, when Papandreou, as foreign minister, regularly took the results of his 'e-vote' initiative to the Council of Ministers as they debated how to handle Iraq, immigration, the environment and so on. The organisation is dedicated to the development of e-democracy...

Posted by Tom Bentley on 23 May 2004
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Napster goes legit

Napster has arrived in the UK in an attempt to get the jump on iTunes, which sells music tracks for 99c (The Guardian, Is it the end of the record shop?) I paid for my first music download at the weekend (Boards of Canada first album, since you ask) from the excellent Warp site, Bleep. It occured to me that we that 'record' labels will become more meaningful as an aggregator of tatse, rather than simply a marketing and distribution mechanism to bring artists to market. Indy labels suc...

Posted by on 21 May 2004
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So you're not sure what personalisation means?

It may not be the definitive answer but it certainly puts some flesh on the political bones... have a look at the report I did following our conversations with around 200 head teachers earlier this year. It's got 15 propositions that reflect these teachers' views of what personalisation might mean, as well as some of the practical examples of what they're up to now in their schools, and the challenges ahead as they see them.

Posted by on 20 May 2004
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