7th March 2013, 09:00AM
Central London

In 2011 Demos and PwC published Good Growth, a report exploring Britain's current economic model. The project sought to understand economic success through the eyes of the public, who were asked to make trade-offs between different economic priorities, such as higher wages or better work-life balance, to explore what people really value. The results set out the gap between the economy that Britain has and the economy the public would like to see.

Speakers will include:

Rt Hon Greg Clark, Minister of State for Cities

Ray Mills, Head of Infrastructure and Government, PwC

Duncan O'Leary, Deputy Director, Demos (Chair)

Just over one year on, PwC has applied the Demos-PWC Good Growth Index methodology to Britain's cities in this recently launched new report, Good Growth for CitiesThis roundtable will discuss how our cities can be the engines of good growth, in the context of Lord Heseltine’s recommendations that public money should be used to ‘mobilise the potential’ of British cities, and the different challenges faced by different areas - and what different strategies are needed to meet public expectations. It will consider what the implications are for government, local public bodies and business, particularly in the context of the next wave of City Deals, and ask how the cities agenda will develop going forward in the context of the March budget.


This roundtable, hosted by Demos and PwC, will be held on the morning of Thursday 7 March from 9:00am - 11:00am, in central London. Please email to request a place or call 02073676331 with any access queries.

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