8th October 2012, 09:00AM
Jurys Inn, Room 110, Birmingham

In the light of the government's imminent consultation on a new measure of child poverty, join Demos to discuss the challenges of defining and measuring poverty, the pros and cons of using the poverty line versus more multi-dimensional measures, and the key question - will changing our measure of poverty help the government - national and local -  tackle it?

It will include a presentation of Demos's ongoing work on developing a multi-dimensional poverty measure, including the challenges researchers have faced and the findings regarding people's understanding and perception of income-based poverty.

Speakers will include:

  • Shaun Bailey, Government advisor and Conservative Party activist
  • Claudia Wood, Deputy Director, Demos
  • Christian Guy, Managing Director, Centre for Social Justice
  • Phil Collins, Chair of Trustees, Demos (chair)

This event will take place on Monday 8 October at 9:00-10:30 in Room 110, Jurys Inn, Birmingham.

For more information please email partyconference@demos.co.uk

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