8th February 2007, 07:00PM
Hayward Gallery, South Bank Centre, Belvedere Road, SE1 8XZ
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This event was a bit of an experiment for us. Despite the drop in numbers caused by the weather, it felt like a success. If you have any thoughts or comments, ideas for how it could be improved please leave them in the comment space below. There'll be a video of the event available soon.

Do you have a lonely half-formed idea? A ropey business plan, a layout for a building, an outline of a book, a campaign, a screenplay or a web 2.0 innovation? Well, maybe it should get out there and meet someone. Look Into My Ideas is a chance to take your half-formed inspirations, from the back of the pub, off the loo, out of the bottom of the bath and into the Hayward Gallery to meet some others. The session will provide a calming atmosphere in which to meet people with other ideas, including an introduction from Catherine Fieschi, Director of Demos, and a lecture from Paul Ormerod, best-selling author of "Why Most Things Fail".

Tickets are priced at £5 and can be bought now from The South Bank Centre  0870 382 8000. They are listed under "Creative Ideas Exchange".

Read the Introduction and Preface to "Why Most Things Fail"

Look into My Ideas is a part of the "100 Ideas to Change the World" series of events at the South Bank Centre.

Directions to Hayward Gallery

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