4th June 2008, 01:00PM
Demos, 3rd Fl Magdalen House, 136 Tooley St, London SE1 2TU
Bruce Mann, Director of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Cabinet Office
Dr Brooke Rogers, King's Centre for Risk Management, King's College London
Chris Samuel, Chair, National Steering Committee for Warning & Informing the Public
Charlie Edwards, Security Programme, Demos will chair the seminar

The seminar aims to explore society's relationship to risk, how central government, local authorities and agencies engage and communicate with the public during crises, and what lessons can be learned from recent incidents (both from threats like terrorism and hazards such as flooding). While the Government has acknowledged the need for a method of risk communication which seeks to provide professionals with the necessary tools to manage incidents and events, more can be done to engage and communicate these issues with members of the public.

As such the UK Government's current approach to risk communication needs to be supported by a 'public centred strategy'. This is becoming increasingly important as citizens and professional's perceptions of risk are out of kilter with each other, while there remains a lack of awareness amongst the public of how to respond to large-scale emergencies. Furthermore authorities are finding their response to incidents is limited by their ability to warn both a static and transient population at anytime of day and night. The presentations and discussion afterwards will be held under the Chatham House rule.

The seminar is especially timely with the expected publication of the Government's national risk register later this summer.

This event is by invitation only. If you would like to attend the event, please contact seminars@demos.co.uk.