John Grant


John Grant was a co-founder of groundbreaking ad agency St Luke’s and is a recognised business author and consultant who has worked with leadership teams of major corporations such as IKEA, Freshfields, BT, Andersen on issues ranging from strategy to speech writing

John Grant was one of the co-founders of socially aware London ad agency St Luke's, and recently launched Abundancy Partners - a sustainability strategy and innovation consultancy with Jules Peck and Tamara Giltsoff.

John is the author of five books. His latest book, Co-opportunity (Jan 2010), is about social innovation and the rise of co-operative systems - social ventures, social networks and social change movements. The Green Marketing Manifesto (2007) was named Environmental Book of the Year by the UK Book Industry.

John's recent consulting clients include (the UK Government) ACTONCO2, Cisco, The Co-operative Bank, The Design Council, The Guardian, innocent drinks, IKEA, ING, i-Team (a local government initiative), O2, Philips, The Royal Mail, SSE and Unilever.

John is a prolific international speaker, writer, blogger ND commentator. In September 2009 he also created an online event called #Tweehive where thousands of people role played being members of a bee colony for the day on Twitter (as part of Pestival, an insect, art and ecology festival in London's South Bank).

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Grahame Broadbelt, Tony Manwaring, John Grant

John Grant and Tony Manwaring, two senior Demos associates, are working with us to produce a pamphlet about leading change in modern networked organisations.