Joost Beunderman


Joost is an urban designer. From 2005 to 2008 he worked as a Researcher at Demos.

Joost is an urban geographer, urban designer and policy researcher.

He was a Researcher at the independent think tank Demos from 2005 to 2008. He co-authored a range of Demos publications, such as Equally Spaced, a publication for the Commission for Racial Equality (2008) which explored the potential of public realm and social infrastructure strategies to contribute to interaction between diverse social groups; BCN-LDN2020, a collection of essays on urban governance and citizen participation published together with the Barcelona think tank Fundació Ramon Trias Fargas; and Seen and Heard - Reclaiming the public realm with children and young people (for Play England, 2007). He was part of the core team that created a draft public realm strategy for the previous Mayor of London (together with Alan Baxter Associates and GVA Grimley.

In 2008 he joined the research-led architecture and regeneration practice 00:/, where he leads many of its urban strategy and design projects, such as large-scale collaborative regeneration projects in Bradford, Church Street (Westminster) and Knowle West, Bristol. He co-curated the Architecture Foundation’s ‘And Now What – Rethinking Spatial Practice’ thought dinner series in Spring 2009, and leads the ‘10x10x10’ events series at the Academy of Urbanism which explore the future of spatial practice in a radically changing context. He also works with Urhahn Urban Design, a practice based in Amsterdam, with whom he co-authored several housing and urban design studies such as the South London Town Centre Intensification Study for Design for London (2009) and Industry in the City for the LDA and GLA Architecture&Urbanism Unit (2005).

He has led masterclasses and contributed to several conferences on public realm strategy such as at Queen’s University Belfast, University College Dublin and CABE. He regularly lectures on a wide range of topics at Delft University of Technology’s School of Architecture and the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urbanism.

He trained as an urban geographer at Utrecht University, the Netherlands and the University of California, Berkeley, and graduated with distinction from the London School of Economics’ City Design & Social Science programme. He is a Fellow of the RSA.

BCN_LDN 2020
Joost Beunderman, Melissa Mean
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Edited by Joost Beunderman, Joan-Anton Sánchez de Juan and Melissa Mean, this collection of essays is the result of a collaboration between Demos and the Barcelona think tank Fundació Ramon Trias Fargas.

Equally Spaced?
Hannah Lownsbrough, Joost Beunderman
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This report aims to address the deficit in the current arena by offering one analysis of how public spaces can contribute to building positive relationships and bridges between different communities.

Seen and Heard
Peter Bradwell, Celia Hannon, Joost Beunderman
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Greening Up Demos

Charlie Tims, Melissa Mean, Molly Webb, Celia Hannon, Joost Beunderman

We're committed to being an environmentally-friendly organisation. With all the travel we're doing, it's not going to be easy. We want to share our experiences and efforts at going green on this page - with the ultimate aim of becoming a zero carbon/zero waste workplace.


Children Make Places

Peter Bradwell, Celia Hannon, Joost Beunderman

Children’s access to the public realm is currently heavily restricted – as much by physical barriers as by adult attitudes and anxieties. As heavy investment in play provision is currently set to deliver physical improvements, there is a need to address the wider social, cultural and political context in which the children’s public realm is being shaped.

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