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Aug 5

Think-Tank Releases Anti-Radicalisation Video to Counter ISIS Propaganda

Jonathan Birdwell, head of the citizenship programme at Demos, a leading cross-party think-tank that specialises in Islamic extremism research, said that whilst there are some effective aspects to Quilliam's video, the Quilliam foundation is "

Jul 27

Can you make schools integrate?

BBC News: Recent research from the University of Bristol and the Demos think tank showed a pattern of different ethnic groups tending to disproportionately concentrate in separate schools.

Jul 20

A new front in the war on Islamist extremism

Besides the new policies, there was a marked shift in tone, which represented a change of tack by the government, according to Ralph Scott of Demos, a think-tank - in The Economist.

Jul 19

Jackie Bird: Our sober-minded kids only have their selfies to blame

Jack Bird writes an opinion piece on Demos'  Character and Moderation: Alcohol report.

Jul 19

Look out, Generation Z is about to enter your workplace

Research published by the Demos thinktank showed one in five 16- to 24-year-olds are teetotal.

Jul 18

School racial segregation disadvantaging students, report says

British research suggests the education of white British pupils is being hampered by an increased racial segregation in schools not indicative of the communities they serve.

Jul 17

Young people: Pale and not drinking ale

The Herald covers the Character and Moderation: Alcohol report.

Jul 16

Temptations of alcohol being replaced by lure of social media for many young Britons, says new study

The Independent covers Demos'  Character and Moderation: Alcohol report.

Jul 16

How reading the Bristol Post's Facebook page could be good for you

Bristol Post covers Demos'  Character and Moderation: Alcohol report.

Jul 16

Is Social Media Keeping You Sober?

InStyle Magazine covers Demos'  Character and Moderation: Alcohol report.

Jul 20

Demos Responds to the Prime Minister's Extremism Speech

Demos responds to the Prime Minister's speech on countering extremism in Birmingham on 20 July 2015.

Jul 15

Generation Y Turn their Backs on Alcohol, as Two-Thirds Say it's ‘Not Important’ to Social Lives

Exclusive Demos polling for Character and Moderation: Alcohol paper finds health and money-conscious Millennials are shunning alcohol at unprecedented levels.

Jul 14

Demos Launches Research Hub on Ethnic Attitudes and Identities in Britain

On Tuesday 14 July, Demos launches the Ethnic Attitudes and Identities chapter of the Demos Integration Hub – for the first time, bringing together the leading research into the changing attitudes an

Jul 13

Urgent Government Support Needed to Realise Cross-Party Ambitions for Youth Volunteering

A new report from Demos, Service Nation 2020, calls for concerted Government action to support the youth social action sector – to build on young people's huge appetite to contribute and enable<

Jul 6

61% of ethnic minority kids in England - and 90% in London - begin Year 1 in schools where ethnic minorities are the majority of the student body

New analysis from the Demos Integration Hub shows that ethnic minority children, who now represent 26 per cent of all school students in England, are substantially more likely than White British children t

Jul 3

Demos Responds to the Government's Child Poverty Measures

Research Director Duncan O'Leary responds to the Government's proposed amendments to the definitions of child poverty.

Jun 29

Free School Meals Kids Miss out on Character-Building Extra-Curricular Activities

New Demos report with exclusive polling finds students on Free Schools Meals (FSM) are less likely than their counterparts to take part in extra-curricular activities, and are more disengaged with school.

Jun 4

Reform Ofsted to Assess Students' Character on par with Grades

A new report from Demos, published in partnership with the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues at the University of Birmingham, calls for ‘character’ to be permanently embedded in the UK&a

May 28

Demos Responds to the Government's Education Bill

Ralph Scott, Senior Researcher at Demos, responds to the Education Bill announced in the 2015 Queen's Speech.

May 27

Demos Responds to the Government's Extremism Bill

Demos responds to the Government's Extremism Bill, announced in the Queen's Speech.