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Jul 19

It's not cool to create a Jim Morrison of Jihad

In this Thunderer piece for the Times, Jamie Bartlett addresses Rolling Stone's decision to put the Boston Bomber on its cover.

Jul 16

Outdated technology could lead to another crisis in banking

Andrew Freeman, the Director of Demos Finance, writes a comment piece in the Financial Times on the role of technology in banking crises. 

Jul 12

We all pay your benefits

David Goodhart talks to Nick and Margaret about welfare and benefits, in a documentary for BBC 1.

Jul 11

Newsnight: the future of the unions

David Goodhart discusses the link between trade unions and the Labour Party on BBC Newsnight.

Jul 10

How do cuts impact on disabled people?

Demos' Deputy Director writes on disability welfare for the Independent's Voices section.

Jul 8

Intelligence services require greater scrutiny says Labour

Guardian Home Affairs Editor, Alan Travis, trails Yvette Cooper's speech to Demos on balancing security and civil liberties.

Jul 4

David Goodhart on Channel 5 News

David Goodhart debates Don Flynn of the Migrants' Rights Network on Channel 5 News, in light of Home Office report on the impact of immigration.

Jun 26

Wired report on 'SOCMINT'

Wired Magazine quotes Carl Miller, co-founder of CASM, on the UK's involvement in the Prism scandal.

Jun 25

David Goodhart on BBC Newsnight

Demos Director David Goodhart interviewed by BBC Newsnight on closing loopholes in migration laws.

Jun 19

Bobbies on the tweet

Carl Miller writes on the Telegraph's technology blog about how the police can effectively harness social media. 

Jul 21

Residential care must be urgently rehabilitated warns ex-Care Minister at launch of Demos Commission

Former Care Minister Paul Burstow will warn today that more must be done to improve residential care's reputation and help it meet the challenges of an ageing population.

Jun 24

Charity shops encouraging a nation of givers, says think-tank

The presence of charity shops on Britain's high streets is encouraging a nation of people more willing to donate to charity, according to polling by the think-tank Demos.

Jun 19

Demos calls for action to prevent ‘hit and miss’ end of life care

Research published today by the think-tank Demos reveals unacceptable inequalities in end of life care.

Jun 3

Think-tank calls for two-tier benefits system to reward contributors

Workers who have made sufficient National Insurance contributions should be rewarded with a higher £95-a-week rate of Job Seeker's Allowance, according to the think-tank Demos.

May 7

Demos: scrap Ofsted inspections to tackle ‘target-obsessed culture’ in schools

A new report by think-tank Demos proposes a fundamental shake-up of how schools and pupils are assessed in order to rescue an education system obsessed with targets and league tables.

May 5

Almost half of ethnic minority population now live in majority non-white areas

Analysis of the Census by the think-tank Demos reveals that almost half of ethnic minority residents in England and Wales now live in areas where white British people are in a minority.

Mar 30

Half of workers wrongly assume bosses would foot the bill for long-term sick leave

UK workers are risking their own financial security by failing to protect themselves adequately, in case they are forced to leave work by illness or injury, according to new research by the think-tank Demos.

Mar 27

Disabled people set to lose £28.3bn of support

Demos analysis reveals the full impact of the Government's changes to the welfare system on disabled people.

Mar 26

Hire social media chiefs to put ‘Twitter snooping’ on a legal footing, think-tank tells police

Police constabularies should install dedicated heads of social media to tackle crime and ensure responsible collection of online intelligence data, according to Demos’s Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM).

Mar 12

Demos: Reward healthy choices with fast-track NHS treatment

People who make healthier life choices should be prioritised for non-emergency hospital appointments, according to an independent think-tank.