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May 21

The Slippery Slope of Home Ownership

Deborah Orr in The Independent refers to Richard Reeves' blog

May 21

Diary: Hugh Muir

Hugh Muir comments on the Demos blog in a diary piece about MPs expenses.

May 21

Jon Cruddas: Thinking man's street-fighter

The Economist mentions Jon Cruddas' involvement with Demos in their profile of the MP for Dagenham

May 19

Think tank calls for Kitemark for children's charities

Children & Young People Now cover Demos' report on educational disengagement

May 18

Letters to Mary

Richard Reeves updates Mary Wollstonecraft on her ideas about republicanism.

May 18

School lessons in self-control 'are as important as numeracy’

The Times covers a new report on tackling educational disengagement from Demos' Capabilities Programme

May 16

How to be Good

The Politics of Well-Being blog covers the launch of the Demos Capabilities Programme

May 15

Liberals for feminist goals ... but can liberal means deliver?

Sunder Katwala gives his view of how liberals can best pursue equality

May 15

Demos is committed to women's rights. But we could do better.

Richard Reeves responds to Jenni Russell in The Guardian

May 15

British politics stares into the abyss

'It's our institutions which are broken, not society'

Sep 4

Demos Finance: current approach to SME lending is holding back growth

Claims that businesses are being starved by a lack of bank lending have been challenged by a new report that shows almost half of SMEs are non-borrowers, while most who do seek credit are approved.