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Jun 25

Channel 4 Evening News

Silvia Guglielmi discusses altruism during periods of recession, as captured in the new Demos publication Wishful Thinking

Jun 24

Some worry that parliamentary scandals will push talented people away from politics. But might the opposite be true?

In Prospect's Political Notes, Richard Reeves considers the health of parliament

Jun 24

Launch of ‘The Edgeless University’: a new Demos report

UK Web Focus on The Edgeless University and the implications of Web 2.0 for higher education

Jun 24

Universities urged to make better use of technology on the need for UK universities to make better use of technology, as urged in The Edgeless University

Jun 24

Edgeless University report published by JISC

The Edgeless University report reviewed by Sean's Weblog

Jun 24

The Edgeless University

Staffordshire University's faculty of Computing Engineering and Technology on the launch on Demos' latest publication

Jun 23
Jun 23

Technology revolution stops at classroom doors, report says

A Times Higher Education article about Demos' new publication, The Edgeless University

Jun 22

The historic struggle for liberty

Ben Wilson article on the struggle for liberty refers to Richard Reeves' interpretation of Gordon Brown

Jun 22

Demos shows that Labour is out of ideas

Alex Singleton blogs in the Telegraph on Demos' recent publication, What Next For Labour?

Dec 2

Crisis, what crisis? Britain’s ‘squeezed middle’ ignore savings woes in favour of irrational optimism

As many as 4 in 5 ‘squeezed middle’ families in Britain are failing to save enough each month, despite being on incomes of over £30k a year.

Nov 27

Cost of cancer same as a mortgage, says Demos

The financial impact of cancer costs families the same as an average mortgage, according to a report out by Demos today.

Nov 25

Charity shops a ‘life support’ for Britain’s high streets, says Demos

Charity shops act as a life support on Britain’s high streets, providing a number of benefits for local businesses, residents and communities, according to a new Demos report.

Nov 25

New research reveals rise of ‘comfort-zone segregation’

The latest analysis from the joint Demos-Birkbeck project reveals a rise in 'comfort-zone segregation'.

Nov 22

Demos: Crack down on adult ‘enablers’ to tackle teen drinking

People who buy alcohol on behalf of underage drinkers should face community service, social shaming or be banned from shops, according to a new Demos report. 

Nov 13

Boring, isolated and lonely: Britain’s damaging perceptions of our care homes

Polling by the think-tank Demos reveals the negative perceptions damaging the image of Britain’s care homes, with as few as 1 in 4 people considering moving there in their old age.

Sep 26

Corruption, instability and intolerance: Europe's decade of decline

Demos produces the first ever index to measure democracy specific to the EU.

Sep 12

Demos: build retirement properties to free up 3 million family homes

Building more retirement properties would free up more than 3 million homes, offering a lifeline to families desperate to move up the housing ladder, finds a new Demos report.

Sep 9

We’re all ‘grey voters’ now: research finds Generation Y back pensioner payouts over out-of-work benefits

Young people are three times as likely to support spending on pensions rather than unemployment benefits, according to a significant new report by Demos and Ipsos MORI.

Sep 4

Demos Finance: current approach to SME lending is holding back growth

Claims that businesses are being starved by a lack of bank lending have been challenged by a new report that shows almost half of SMEs are non-borrowers, while most who do seek credit are approved.