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Jul 14

The limitations of Progressive Conservatism and 'Red Toryism'

Gerry Hassan discusses Progressive Conservatism in OurKingdom, part of openDemocracy's site

Jul 13

Expressive Lives - What should museums do with it?

Bridget McKenzie covers Expressive Lives in her culture blog

Jul 12

The Politics Show

Sir Gus O'Donnell, Head of the Home Civil Service, refers to a Demos report to explain the importance of retaining experienced civil servants

Jul 10

Amid the economic rubble, a revolution is being knitted

Libby Brooks writes about Demos pamphlet Expressive Lives in her column

Jul 9


Richard Reeves discusses the pensions crisis on Newsnight

Jul 9

The birth of Twitter art

Charlotte Higgins refers to Bill Ivey and Demos' Expressive Lives pamphlet in her comment in The Guardian

Jul 9

Conservation for the i-Generation

Digital coverage of Demos' Expressive Lives pamphlet

Jul 9

Limitations Permitted by Peckham Space

Peter Bradwell comments on an art installation about surveillance.

Jul 7

A Miliband manifesto

A blog entry referencing The Liberal Republic in its discussion of David Miliband's John Smith Memorial Lecture

Jul 5

Hi mum, I'm home (again)

Julia Margo is quoted in The Sunday Times on the increasing number of stay-at-home twentysomethings

Feb 23

Demos: Financial ‘health-check’ before collecting your pension

People should be ‘nudged’ into planning for their long-term social care costs, argues a new Demos report released today.

Feb 18

Demos: False stereotypes of young people holding them back from getting jobs

False stereotyping of young people in the media and wider society is having a negative effect on both their self-esteem and employment opportunities, reveals new Demos report supported by National Citizen Service (NCS).

Feb 10

Young people bearing the brunt of Britain’s debt

Demos reveals findings on young people's issues with debt.

Feb 7

Anti-social media: 10,000 racial slurs a day on Twitter, finds Demos

A groundbreaking study by the think tank Demos has found that 10,000 tweets containing a racial slur are posted on Twitter every day.

Jan 29

29 JAN - Demos: Judge financial institutions on how they treat their customers

Consumer bodies should produce quality-based best buy tables for financial institutions, ranking their products on how well they work for customers, according to the think-tank Demos.

Jan 27

A tale of two classrooms: London results skew national picture as educational inequality on the rise

Government policies are failing to reduce educational inequality, with a major study finding the attainment gap between poorer and wealthier pupils increasing in half of local authorities.

Dec 2

Crisis, what crisis? Britain’s ‘squeezed middle’ ignore savings woes in favour of irrational optimism

As many as 4 in 5 ‘squeezed middle’ families in Britain are failing to save enough each month, despite being on incomes of over £30k a year.

Nov 27

Cost of cancer same as a mortgage, says Demos

The financial impact of cancer costs families the same as an average mortgage, according to a report out by Demos today.

Nov 25

Charity shops a ‘life support’ for Britain’s high streets, says Demos

Charity shops act as a life support on Britain’s high streets, providing a number of benefits for local businesses, residents and communities, according to a new Demos report.

Nov 25

New research reveals rise of ‘comfort-zone segregation’

The latest analysis from the joint Demos-Birkbeck project reveals a rise in 'comfort-zone segregation'.