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Jun 11

More 4 News

Head of Demos' Capabilities Programme, Sonia Sodha, discusses women in Cabinet on More 4 News

Jun 10

The Business: The wealth gap

Richard Reeves featured on the Guardian's 'The Business' podcast

Jun 10

PM earns chance to show what New Gordon Brown is all about

Tessa Jowell's speech at Demos highlighted in the Guardian

Jun 10

PM looks ahead with electoral reform plan

Tessa Jowell's speech at Demos, happening tonight, is mentioned in this article on electoral reform

Jun 9

UK's Brown Avoids Leadership Challenge

Sonia Sodha discusses the political crisis on CNBC

Jun 9

Channel 4 News

Richard Reeves joins Krishnan Guru-Murthy to discuss Labour's current political position

Jun 8

Is Web 2.0 creating a staff productivity paradox?

Peter Bradwell contributes to Bertrand Dupperin’s Notepad on whether Web 2.0 tools can increase productivity in the workplace

Jun 8

A tectonic shift could shake British politics

In the Financial Times, Richard Reeves argues that Labour should look to history when considering its political future

Jun 8

What Labour must do to recover

In the Observer, Richard Reeves considers the role James Purnell might play in the future of Labour

Jun 8

The Least Democratic Cabinet Since the War

Martin Bright commends Richard Reeves' Newsnight opinions in The Spectator

May 21

Integration Hub Reveals Mixed Fortunes of Britain's Minorities

A ground-breaking new online Integration Hub was launched today by cross-party think tank Demos, bringing together cutting-edge research and statistics on ethno-cultural integration and segregation in mode

May 20

The Forward March of Labour

A full copy of Tristram Hunt MP's Speech to Demos on Wednesday 20 May 2015.

Apr 30

Education Six Times More Important than Immigration for Young Voters

First stats from 120,000 users of Verto voter choice app reveals key Election youth priorities.

Apr 9

Out of Step: Twitter Bucks Opinion Polls on Immigration

A new study from Demos’ Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM) reveals that Twitter conversations about immigration contrast enormously with public opinion polling on the issue.

Apr 1

Voter Advice Tool Aims to Boost Youth Turn-Out and Engagement

Young people are passionate about social issues and want to have a positive impact on society, but too few are voting. Demos has teamed up with Bite the Ballot to launch Verto, a voter advice tool that will help young people explore how their values

Mar 5

Demos: Two-thirds of parents who back apprenticeships say ‘not for my child’

Over 9 in 10 parents agree apprenticeships are a good option for young people, but only a third think it is best for their child, according to a major cross-party Demos report.

Feb 10

Demos: Replace half of food banks with sustainable solutions to food poverty

The number of food banks in Britain should be cut in half by 2020 and replaced with sustainable solutions to food poverty, according to a new Demos report.

Dec 31

Demos: Counter-terrorism strategy is ‘costing charities millions’

International aid charities are struggling to use their donations for frontline services due to stricter counter-terrorism legislation causing banks to shut down accounts in an effort to reduce their overall risk.   

Dec 29

Demos: Young voters concerned more about online privacy than immigration or the EU

Young voters are significantly more concerned by living costs, unemployment and online privacy than issues such as immigration or Britain’s relationship with the EU, according to a new Demos report.<

Nov 14

Politicians call for ‘Help to Move’ package to help older people downsize

A group of influential politicians has urged the Government to offer a package of financial support and advice to make it easier for older people to move home if they wish to downsize.