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May 27

Even if Cameron is right and true, he can't be good.

Blog refers to Demos Director, Richard Reeves' twitter posts

May 26

Think-tank's Neet idea: focus on Year 2s not teens

Early intervention with six-year-olds is the way forward, argues Demos in TES

May 26

That's not emotional literacy, it's true blue Tory gumption

Sonia Sodha's thoughts on how to sell emotional literacy to the Conservative Party

May 23

The necessity of virtue

Phillip Blond, in the Tablet, highlights the lack of virtue as a cause of Britain's current cultural and economic crisis.

May 22

Progressive austerity: an agenda to protect the poor

Richard Reeves calls for ruthless cuts and a fairer tax system in today's Financial Times

May 21

The Slippery Slope of Home Ownership

Deborah Orr in The Independent refers to Richard Reeves' blog

May 21

Diary: Hugh Muir

Hugh Muir comments on the Demos blog in a diary piece about MPs expenses.

May 21

Jon Cruddas: Thinking man's street-fighter

The Economist mentions Jon Cruddas' involvement with Demos in their profile of the MP for Dagenham

May 19

Think tank calls for Kitemark for children's charities

Children & Young People Now cover Demos' report on educational disengagement

May 18

Letters to Mary

Richard Reeves updates Mary Wollstonecraft on her ideas about republicanism.

Mar 5

Demos: Two-thirds of parents who back apprenticeships say ‘not for my child’

Over 9 in 10 parents agree apprenticeships are a good option for young people, but only a third think it is best for their child, according to a major cross-party Demos report.

Feb 10

Demos: Replace half of food banks with sustainable solutions to food poverty

The number of food banks in Britain should be cut in half by 2020 and replaced with sustainable solutions to food poverty, according to a new Demos report.

Dec 31

Demos: Counter-terrorism strategy is ‘costing charities millions’

International aid charities are struggling to use their donations for frontline services due to stricter counter-terrorism legislation causing banks to shut down accounts in an effort to reduce their overall risk.   

Dec 29

Demos: Young voters concerned more about online privacy than immigration or the EU

Young voters are significantly more concerned by living costs, unemployment and online privacy than issues such as immigration or Britain’s relationship with the EU, according to a new Demos report.<

Nov 14

Politicians call for ‘Help to Move’ package to help older people downsize

A group of influential politicians has urged the Government to offer a package of financial support and advice to make it easier for older people to move home if they wish to downsize.

Oct 19

Demos: Migrant health access fears put vulnerable people at risk

A new report by the think-tank Demos urges the Government to set up ‘all-in-one’ centres combining GPs with advisors to encourage migrants to seek health treatment despite concerns over their immigration status.

Sep 2

Push NHS to build more residential care, says former care minister

NHS Trusts should sell surplus land next to hospitals to build enough care homes and supported living apartments to meet increasing demand, Paul Burstow MP will say.

Aug 31

Give self-employed the freedom to access their pensions

Self-employed workers should be given the power to access their recent pension contributions to allow more people to save with confidence.

Aug 23

Demos: Male celebrities receive more abuse on Twitter than women

An analysis of 2 million tweets by the think tank Demos reveals that male public figures are several times more likely than women to receive abuse on Twitter.

Aug 18

Demos: 700,000 ‘left voiceless’ by lack of national ESOL strategy

Around 700,000 migrants are being ‘left voiceless’ due to the Government’s lack of a national strategy to teach English, according to a new Demos report.