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Jun 11

More 4 News

Head of Demos' Capabilities Programme, Sonia Sodha, discusses women in Cabinet on More 4 News

Jun 10

The Business: The wealth gap

Richard Reeves featured on the Guardian's 'The Business' podcast

Jun 10

PM earns chance to show what New Gordon Brown is all about

Tessa Jowell's speech at Demos highlighted in the Guardian

Jun 10

PM looks ahead with electoral reform plan

Tessa Jowell's speech at Demos, happening tonight, is mentioned in this article on electoral reform

Jun 9

UK's Brown Avoids Leadership Challenge

Sonia Sodha discusses the political crisis on CNBC

Jun 9

Channel 4 News

Richard Reeves joins Krishnan Guru-Murthy to discuss Labour's current political position

Jun 8

Is Web 2.0 creating a staff productivity paradox?

Peter Bradwell contributes to Bertrand Dupperin’s Notepad on whether Web 2.0 tools can increase productivity in the workplace

Jun 8

A tectonic shift could shake British politics

In the Financial Times, Richard Reeves argues that Labour should look to history when considering its political future

Jun 8

What Labour must do to recover

In the Observer, Richard Reeves considers the role James Purnell might play in the future of Labour

Jun 8

The Least Democratic Cabinet Since the War

Martin Bright commends Richard Reeves' Newsnight opinions in The Spectator

Oct 19

Demos: Migrant health access fears put vulnerable people at risk

A new report by the think-tank Demos urges the Government to set up ‘all-in-one’ centres combining GPs with advisors to encourage migrants to seek health treatment despite concerns over their immigration status.

Sep 2

Push NHS to build more residential care, says former care minister

NHS Trusts should sell surplus land next to hospitals to build enough care homes and supported living apartments to meet increasing demand, Paul Burstow MP will say.

Aug 31

Give self-employed the freedom to access their pensions

Self-employed workers should be given the power to access their recent pension contributions to allow more people to save with confidence.

Aug 23

Demos: Male celebrities receive more abuse on Twitter than women

An analysis of 2 million tweets by the think tank Demos reveals that male public figures are several times more likely than women to receive abuse on Twitter.

Aug 18

Demos: 700,000 ‘left voiceless’ by lack of national ESOL strategy

Around 700,000 migrants are being ‘left voiceless’ due to the Government’s lack of a national strategy to teach English, according to a new Demos report.

Jul 1

New cross-party Commission to increase quality apprentice numbers

Think-tank Demos is launching a heavyweight cross-party commission to bolster the business case for increasing both the quality and quantity of apprenticeships.

Jun 12

Demos warns new financial regulator over ‘expensive and risky’ red tape

The setting up of a Government-backed financial regulator could lead to ‘potentially expensive and risky’ red tape according to a stark warning from a financial think tank report.

Jun 8

Demos: Save NHS £10m a year by increasing cervical screening uptake

Improving cervical screening rates would save the NHS £10m a year, according to a new study by the think-tank Demos.

May 14

Demos: Get pupils out of the classroom and into the community to teach character

Think tank calls for volunteering-style coursework tasks to boost pupils' character and employability skills.

May 12

Promote employees who volunteer the most, think tank tells bosses

Bosses should award promotions or pay rises to employees who have done the most volunteering, according to a new Demos report.