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Jun 2

Is Web 2.0 creating a staff productivity paradox?

Demos' researcher Peter Bradwell comments on Web 2.0 technologies in the workplace

May 30

We are in this together

Phillip Blond calls for virtue in government and politics in The Tablet

May 29

Expenses Scandal to Impact Voting

Sonia Sodha tell CNBC's Strictly Money programme what to expect in the European elections

May 28

Tessa Jowell urges giving voters a say in choice of candidates

The Guardian covers details of a speech that Tessa Jowell will deliver at Demos on 10th June

May 28

The challenge: balance defence of science with popular engagement

The Times Higher Education covers Demos' past work on science

May 27

I expect to win the election Mr Blond

Joe Riley profiles Phillip Blond and Red Toryism in the Liverpool Echo

May 27

Even if Cameron is right and true, he can't be good.

Blog refers to Demos Director, Richard Reeves' twitter posts

May 26

Think-tank's Neet idea: focus on Year 2s not teens

Early intervention with six-year-olds is the way forward, argues Demos in TES

May 26

That's not emotional literacy, it's true blue Tory gumption

Sonia Sodha's thoughts on how to sell emotional literacy to the Conservative Party

May 23

The necessity of virtue

Phillip Blond, in the Tablet, highlights the lack of virtue as a cause of Britain's current cultural and economic crisis.

Mar 26

Demos: Tax loan companies based on harm they cause

Loan companies who cause significant harm should face greater financial penalties according to a new report by Demos.

Mar 12

Demos: Ex-soldier’s plight shows more care homes should meet needs of under-65s

An influential think-tank Commission has stressed the need for more care homes to cater for working-age people, after the plight of a British war veteran left him isolated and without support. 

Mar 3

Think-tank Demos gears up for May 2015

The think-tank Demos is announcing a series of changes as part of a long-term vision for the organisation, laying the groundwork for maximum cross-party policy impact in the run up to the election.

Feb 26

More apprentices would boost GDP by £4bn a year - think tank

Increasing the number of apprentices in England to catch up with similar economies would boost Britain's GDP by £4bn a year, according to the think tank Demos.

Feb 23

Demos: Financial ‘health-check’ before collecting your pension

People should be ‘nudged’ into planning for their long-term social care costs, argues a new Demos report released today.

Feb 18

Demos: False stereotypes of young people holding them back from getting jobs

False stereotyping of young people in the media and wider society is having a negative effect on both their self-esteem and employment opportunities, reveals new Demos report supported by National Citizen Service (NCS).

Feb 10

Young people bearing the brunt of Britain’s debt

Demos reveals findings on young people's issues with debt.

Feb 7

Anti-social media: 10,000 racial slurs a day on Twitter, finds Demos

A groundbreaking study by the think tank Demos has found that 10,000 tweets containing a racial slur are posted on Twitter every day.

Jan 29

29 JAN - Demos: Judge financial institutions on how they treat their customers

Consumer bodies should produce quality-based best buy tables for financial institutions, ranking their products on how well they work for customers, according to the think-tank Demos.

Jan 27

A tale of two classrooms: London results skew national picture as educational inequality on the rise

Government policies are failing to reduce educational inequality, with a major study finding the attainment gap between poorer and wealthier pupils increasing in half of local authorities.