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Dec 17

Museums alienate public from arts

Most people feel "alienated" from the arts because many of the people who run them are "cultural snobs" who believe pursuits like opera and theatre need to be "defended from the mob", according to the think-tank Demos.

Dec 15

Nick Clegg warns against over-reaction to Baby P case

In his speech to the think tank Demos, Mr Clegg said: ``We know that it was the disaster politics response to the killing of Jamie Bulger that led to a massive upswing in the number of children in prison or prison-like secure accommodation.

Dec 15

Disaster politics will damage society

Speaking to think-tank Demos in London, Mr Clegg will say that liberalism is based on an essential optimism about people which is difficult to maintain in the face of harrowing cases like Baby P, Shannon Matthews or the Sheffield father who raped his own

Dec 15

Labour pandering to fear - Clegg

Ministers are "pandering to fear" and "playing to simmering tensions" as people lose jobs and a minority of them turn to hate, Nick Clegg has said.

Dec 12

Skills gap branded a 'moral crime'

Demos director Richard Reeves said: "It is a moral crime that five million of our citizens have not a single qualification to their name. Skills build resilience, and as we enter recession it is those without skills who will suffer the most. The Governmen

Dec 8

When hope meets frustration

Charlie Edwards from Demos covers Australia's national security strategy.

Dec 8

Superstar Cheryl Cole overcomes council estate adversity

Julia Margo from Demos comments on social influences in Britain's sink estates.

Dec 8

Are we too afraid of touch?

Julia Neuberger refers to Demos pamphlet 'A child's place' in her discussion of physical contact.

Dec 4

'Call to arms' for conservationists

Times Higher Education covers crisis in conservation education highlighted by Demos report.

Dec 3

Heritage Protection Bill dropped

Conservation report by Demos is even more poignant in the light of the government's decision to abandon the Heritage Protection Bill.

Nov 30

Launch of the Commission on Assisted Dying

Demos launched an independent inquiry into assisted dying with a speech by Lord Falconer.

Nov 15

New data exposes challenges of rolling out Personal Care Budgets

Research shows that local authorities face significant challenges in implementing personal budgets.

Nov 12

Demos: 200,000 people a year should die at home, not in hospital

New Demos research shows that far more people are dying in hospital than want to, which could be remedied by founding an end of life care service.

Oct 20

Osborne gambling with economic confidence

Kitty Ussher warns that confidence is key following the Spending Review.

Oct 20

Next generation say Chancellor should cut slower

New Demos research shows that young people would prefer a slower deficit reduction strategy, with more revenue raised through taxation.

Oct 8

Disabled People Hit By £9bn of Welfare Cuts

New research by Demos shows disabled people will be caught in the cross-fire of Government cuts.

Sep 16

Demos appoints Kitty Ussher as Director

Demos is delighted to announce former Treasury Minister Kitty Ussher as the new Director of Demos

Aug 27

Silence from secret services could aid extremism

New research from Demos highlights the role that conspiracy theories play in extremist groups.

Aug 23

Labour failed to address immigration concerns

Labour's next leader must be prepared to engage with voters over immigration.

Aug 18

Apprenticeships improve earning power and life skills

Demos calls on government to do more to offer apprenticeships to young people not in employment, education or training.