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Dec 3

Call for 'conservation juries' to advise on nation's heritage sites

Public sector news website covers Demos report, with a response from the DCMS.

Dec 1

Change is in the air for British defence

The election of Barack Obama promises to bring about some notable changes in British defence policy says Charlie Edwards, the head of the security programme at DEMOS

Nov 28

Guardian Online: Call for 'Conservation Juries'

The Guardian covers new report on heritage and conservation by Samuel Jones and John Holden from Demos.

Nov 28

'Conservation Juries' covered by PA

Members of the public should be recruited into "conservation juries" to advise on monuments such as Stonehenge and the Cutty Sark.

Nov 28

Call For 'Conservation Juries'

The Metro covers recommendations on heritage and conservation from Demos.

Nov 28

Public Juries Should Advise on Conservation

The Daily Telegraph covers a recommendation from Demos to increase public involvement in heritage conservation.

Nov 24

G20: Catastrophe averted?

Director of Demos, Richard Reeves steps up with Vince Cable,Will Hutton and others to comment on the successes and failures of the G20 meeting in Washington.

Nov 24

Monday View: Everyone has a part to play

In the Daily Mail's guest column, Monday View, Demos think tank director Richard Reeves says we can all work towards beating the financial crisis.

Nov 17

Report shows 'dearth' of Muslim police chiefs

Coverage of a study carried out by the National Association of Muslim Police and Demos which found that only 27 Muslim officers worked in counter-terrorism out of a UK total of 2,374.

Nov 17

We can be heroes . . .

Demos publication UK Confidential described as "fascinating" in Financial Times review.

May 6

Half of Londoners sceptical that Bin Laden is dead

Original polling by Demos reveals high levels of scepticism over Osama Bin Laden's death.

Apr 5

Demos welcomes social mobility strategy

Demos welcomes the Coalition's publication of a Social Mobility Strategy, but urges accelerated attention on in-work progression and early intervention.

Mar 11

Schools failing half of all young people

Demos report shows secondary schools across the country are failing to provide appropriate teaching for the 50 per cent of all young people who do not go on to higher education.

Mar 8

British workers amongst worst protected in OECD countries

Demos analysis of the latest figures shows that British workers are some of worst protected in the OECD.

Feb 24

NEET explosion in the next five years

Demos analysis shows that NEET levels will stay high, unless the Government takes radical action.

Jan 28

We'll be worst affected by spending cuts say young people

New Demos research shows 32 per cent of 16-24 year olds think that they would be worst affected by the spending cuts.

Jan 14

Setting rules is a class issue

New Demos report shows difficulty setting consistent rules and boundaries in low-income households has a detrimental effect on children’s development.  

Jan 14

Stress, guilt and exhaustion 'toxic mix' for middle class parents

New Demos report shows inflexible, stressful and emotionally demanding jobs can undermine parenting confidence and contribute to emotional withdrawal from children

Jan 14

Confident single parents more effective than couples in crisis

A new report by Demos shows that stable single-parented families provide a better home environment for children than rowing married couples finds.

Dec 17

Scrapping DLA will see more disabled Britons forced below the poverty line

New Demos research claims the assessment for the new Personal Independence Payment will not accurately measure the costs of people living with disability.