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Nov 17

A Call for Diversity

The National Assocation of Muslim Police uses Demos report to call for more Muslim officers in counter-terrorism units.

Nov 12

The five-a-day cure for economic ignorance

Silvia Guglielmi comments on financial literacy in The Guardian.

Nov 5

Ready or not?

The global financial turmoil has concentrated everyone’s minds on one form of risk, but there are plenty more out there to keep public sector managers awake at night. Public Finance convened a round table of experts to see how prepared they are for any ev

Oct 31

Study: Surfing Social Networks at Work Could Be Good for You

A good sample of the many blogs that have picked up the Network Citizens report.

Oct 30

Network like there's no tomorrow

Stefan Stern covers Network Citizens in his column.

Oct 30

Memo to all mean bosses

Independent picks up the Network Citizens story

Oct 29

'Don't ban work Facebook'

Further Network Citizens coverage.

Oct 29

Facebook should be embraced by offices

Further Network Citizens coverage.

Oct 29

Facebook 'has a place in the office'

Webuser covers the Network Citizens Report.

Oct 29

Social networking sites "good for businesses"

Reuters coverage of the Network Citizens report.

Oct 1

Majority support government control of how people spend benefit payments

New polling released by the think tank Demos shows the majority of people believe the government should start controlling how welfare recipients spend their money.

Sep 21
Jul 12

Private sector must step in to tackle crisis in loneliness among older people

Ageing Sociably argues that businesses must do its bit to tackle the crisis in loneliness among older people.

Jun 26

Housing providers should bid for reablement contracts

Clinical commissioners should look again both at how reablement services are delivered – and who delivers them – as they take responsibility for these schemes from local authorities, says a new report by Demos.

May 27

Demos: Social housing should provide universal preventative support

Early warning systems would save government and housing providers money.

Apr 23

Demos publishes ‘blueprint’ for social media intelligence monitoring

The ethical principles upon which the British security authorities should be allowed to monitor social media are laid out in a report published today by the think tank Demos.

Apr 17

London think-tank scores progress on the Olympics 7 out of 10

With 100 days until the Olympics the Centre for London scores the organisers on progress so far.

Apr 5

Demos: Religious most likely to identify as on the left

People who identify with a faith – even if they are not actively practising – are more likely to volunteer, be politically engaged and be active citizens in their neighbourhoods, according to our new report. People who identify with a relig

Feb 2

Mentoring schemes benefit mentors as well as mentees

A new evaluation by Demos finds that mentors benefit significantly from taking part in mentoring schemes.

Jan 5

Expert panel proposes framework to underpin any future change in law on assisted dying for terminally ill people

The Commission on Assisted Dying publishes its findings and recommendations in its final report.