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Nov 28

Guardian Online: Call for 'Conservation Juries'

The Guardian covers new report on heritage and conservation by Samuel Jones and John Holden from Demos.

Nov 28

'Conservation Juries' covered by PA

Members of the public should be recruited into "conservation juries" to advise on monuments such as Stonehenge and the Cutty Sark.

Nov 28

Call For 'Conservation Juries'

The Metro covers recommendations on heritage and conservation from Demos.

Nov 28

Public Juries Should Advise on Conservation

The Daily Telegraph covers a recommendation from Demos to increase public involvement in heritage conservation.

Nov 24

G20: Catastrophe averted?

Director of Demos, Richard Reeves steps up with Vince Cable,Will Hutton and others to comment on the successes and failures of the G20 meeting in Washington.

Nov 24

Monday View: Everyone has a part to play

In the Daily Mail's guest column, Monday View, Demos think tank director Richard Reeves says we can all work towards beating the financial crisis.

Nov 17

Report shows 'dearth' of Muslim police chiefs

Coverage of a study carried out by the National Association of Muslim Police and Demos which found that only 27 Muslim officers worked in counter-terrorism out of a UK total of 2,374.

Nov 17

We can be heroes . . .

Demos publication UK Confidential described as "fascinating" in Financial Times review.

Nov 17

A Call for Diversity

The National Assocation of Muslim Police uses Demos report to call for more Muslim officers in counter-terrorism units.

Nov 12

The five-a-day cure for economic ignorance

Silvia Guglielmi comments on financial literacy in The Guardian.

Nov 30

Launch of the Commission on Assisted Dying

Demos launched an independent inquiry into assisted dying with a speech by Lord Falconer.

Nov 15

New data exposes challenges of rolling out Personal Care Budgets

Research shows that local authorities face significant challenges in implementing personal budgets.

Nov 12

Demos: 200,000 people a year should die at home, not in hospital

New Demos research shows that far more people are dying in hospital than want to, which could be remedied by founding an end of life care service.

Oct 20

Osborne gambling with economic confidence

Kitty Ussher warns that confidence is key following the Spending Review.

Oct 20

Next generation say Chancellor should cut slower

New Demos research shows that young people would prefer a slower deficit reduction strategy, with more revenue raised through taxation.

Oct 8

Disabled People Hit By £9bn of Welfare Cuts

New research by Demos shows disabled people will be caught in the cross-fire of Government cuts.

Sep 16

Demos appoints Kitty Ussher as Director

Demos is delighted to announce former Treasury Minister Kitty Ussher as the new Director of Demos

Aug 27

Silence from secret services could aid extremism

New research from Demos highlights the role that conspiracy theories play in extremist groups.

Aug 23

Labour failed to address immigration concerns

Labour's next leader must be prepared to engage with voters over immigration.

Aug 18

Apprenticeships improve earning power and life skills

Demos calls on government to do more to offer apprenticeships to young people not in employment, education or training.