EMBARGOED: 00:01 Thursday 16 September 2010

Demos is delighted to announce former Treasury Minister Kitty Ussher as the new Director of Demos, launching a major new programme of work on political economy and good growth.

Kitty Ussher, Director of Demos said:

“I am delighted to take the role of Director at Demos at this crucial time for British politics. Demos’ cross-party appeal and economic expertise means we are uniquely placed for this period of coalition politics and the challenge of deficit reduction over the next few years.

“We face this challenge with vital new work on a future economy for the UK that will be of critical importance for the thinking and policies of the Coalition Government. It runs alongside long-standing research programmes tackling the key issues of family, poverty, flexible working, an aging population and social cohesion.

“I will lead Demos through this exciting period with research of the highest calibre that is socially grounded and gives a voice to the people and communities that our work and government policy directly affects.

“I extend warm thanks and respect to Richard Reeves and Julia Margo whose work puts Demos in the strongest and most influential position in its history with a cross-party, influential board of advisors who I look forward to working with.”

Philip Collins, Chair of Trustees to Demos said:

“With her wealth of experience in economics and industrial policy, Kitty Ussher is leading voice in politics and policy research and I am delighted she will continue her excellent work at Demos as Director. Kitty’s experience of government and her economic expertise means she will lead Demos across the new political terrain with knowledge, confidence and ambition.

“As Demos continues to go from strength to strength as Britain’s leading independent think tank, we look forward to our busiest ever party conference season and an autumn of innovative and unparalleled research. Demos remains committed to being intensely political but not party political.”

Julia Margo, Deputy Director of Demos said:

“I am looking forward to working with Kitty in her new role to take Demos’ research and ideas from the communities we work with to the heart of government. Demos has proved its character and quality of thinking, and we’re now opening the way for a broad and visionary stream of research that will resonate throughout the coming years.”


Notes to Editors

Kitty Ussher has been Chief Economist at Demos since June 2010. Richard Reeves left Demos in July 2010 to join the Deputy Prime Minister’s office as Special Advisor on Political Strategy.

Kitty Ussher brings 16 years’ experience in economic and industrial policy in and out of government, as a parliamentary researcher, special advisor, think tank researcher, local government councillor, backbench MP and government minister. She trained in economics with degrees from Oxford and Birkbeck.

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