"Investigating ongoing trends in integration across Britain..."

Over the past decade, immigration and integration in Britain have become key questions facing politicians, policymakers and the public.

The 2011 Census helped quantify a long overdue picture of the accelerated demographic change in cities and communities across the UK. The resulting picture of white working-class citizens increasingly moving out of areas that are experiencing a high influx of ethnic minorities, a phenomenon known as 'majority retreat', warrants further analysis.

This project advances the hypothesis that ethnic change in England and Wales is associated with three white working-class responses: ‘exit,’ ‘voice’, or ‘accommodation’.

  • ‘Voice’ is manifested as a rise in ethnic nationalist voting and anti-immigration sentiment.

  • ‘Exit’ as outmigration from, or avoidance of, diverse locales.

  • Finally, once areas reach a certain threshold of minority population share, these initial responses may give way to ‘accommodation’ in the form of decreased ethno-nationalist voting, reduced anti-immigration sentiment and lower white outmigration.

In the course of our investigation, we ask the policy-relevant question: do residential integration and minority acculturation calm or fuel white working-class exit and voice? In other words, does contact improve ethnic relations or do ‘good fences make good neighbours’?

Polling conducted by YouGov as part of the project and released on Thursday 3 October 2013 is available in full here.


This research adds to existing scholarship by integrating individual data with a more complex array of contextual variables, blending quantitative methods with focus-group qualitative research. Quantitative datasets used will include the ONS LS 2001 and 2011, Understanding Society and the Citizenship Surveys 2007-11. This will be augmented with aggregate analysis of 2001 and 2011 ONS census data. Demos will also run three focus groups, which will concentrate on white working-class residents in diverse areas.

More information

This project is supported by Birkbeck, University of London. 

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