Charles Leadbeater, James Wilsdon
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The rise of China and India will remake the innovation landscape. US and European pre-eminence in science-based innovation can no longer be taken for granted. Nor can the knowledge jobs that have depended upon it.

Global supply chains have transformed how we make products. Our savings depend upon seamlessly connected financial markets. Something similar is about to happen to the way we develop and apply ideas.

This report is the first comprehensive account of the rising tide of Asian innovation. It  pinpoints where Asian innovation is coming from and explains where it’s headed.

And it sets out a road map for how the UK can prosper in world of global innovation networks by taking its capacity for collaboration to new levels.

This pamphlet forms part of The Atlas of Ideas, an 18-month study of science and innovation in Asia, with a focus on opportunities for collaboration with the UK and Europe. The project is funded by the UK government and a consortium of public and private sector partners.

The Atlas of Ideas is a set of four reports. Download the country reports:

China: The next science superpower?
India: The uneven innovator
Korea: Mass innovation comes of age