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Enterprise Learning is the second pamphlet to be published as part of the Peoplism project organised by the Acdemy for Enteprise. The research examined in detail the transition to a peoplist economy in which the principal source of value creation is enterprise and creativity in individuals. The pamphlet argues that the education system needs to do more to develop the generic qualities which are at a premium in the peoplist economy. These are the enterprise skills. This is a wide ranging review of current practice in business, vocational and enterprise education. The paper concludes that at a national policy level we should promote a broad defintion of enteprise for all, rather than a narrower set of business skills specific to the next generation of entrepreneurs or narrow set of occupational competencies.

An online version of this book is available at www.academyofenterprise.org

Other pamphlets in the Peoplism series are published by the Employment Policy Institute and the Smith Institute.

Matthew Horne is a researcher at Demos.