James Wilsdon, Melissa Mean
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Forget Apollo versus Sputnik. A new space race is getting under way. This time, it’s all about competing visions for space: a place for peaceful scientific research, a source of innovation, or the ultimate arena for military power?

Masters of the Universe describes a new vision of 'public space'. The authors explore how space technologies can help governments and citizens meet the challenges of economic modernisation and sustainable development.

Can Britain build on the lessons from Beagle and forge a progressive social and political agenda for space? The stakes are high with a battle on between Europe, America and emerging space nations such as China. Will public space win, or will a more sinister vision based on domination and weaponisation prevail?

This report is the culmination of a year-long partnership with leading organisations in the British space industry: EADS Astrium; the British National Space Centre; the Met Office; the National Environment Research Council; the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; Science Museum, London; the UK Industrial Space Committee; and the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council.