Jonty Olliff-Cooper
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Our democracy is in crisis. Aside from the expenses scandal and instability in government, we all know that this problem is systemic. This is not a problem of expenses. It is a problem of power; not just power in a narrow legislative sense, of rights and representatives. It is a problem of control over our lives, of the ability to write our own life story. We feel powerless in Britain for three reasons.

British politics is unrepresentative: Our votes do not count, in the sense that we feel that we cannot sway the government one way or another.

Britain is far too centralized: We feel powerless because power is too concentrated.  It is too distant. 

The state is too confusing: Most people’s day to day interaction with the state is not with an MP or councillor. It is with our GP, tax return, or planning office and these services are often so complex as to be regressive.


This report offers some radical new ideas to breath life into a stagnant Westminster a make people and politics more powerful.