Charlie Tims, Shelagh Wright
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The aggregate result of jobs that are hard to understand is a sector that is hard to understand, and therefore hard to support. This pamphlet explores the crucial role of public policy in supporting the creative economy but argues that work shaped around creative projects is moving people – whether deliberately or by necessity – beyond the social and organisational categories through which work and learning have been organised in the past.

The creative industries are a new way of doing business, but the policy interventions to support them proceed to work in old, industrial ways. The task for policy is no longer simply to try and pre-empt the information and knowledge that the creative industries need, but to distribute the tools that enable people to work it out for themselves: the means for self-production. In a sector where 85 per cent of organisations employ fewer than five people and seem likely to stay small, public policy has a unique role and responsibility to tell a new, compelling, collective story about work shaped by creativity. This report is intended as a start . . .

The cover illustration for this pamphlet was done by Walter Newton.
Check his work out here .