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As a guest contributor, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg argues that liberals are the true carriers of the progressive torch:

"Progressive politics is at a  critical juncture. A generation of progressive voters has been betrayed by Labour's disregard for civil liberties, failures on inequality and addiction to central government. They will find little refuge in a Conservative party whose claim to the progressive mantle rings hollow.

Just as progressives deserted the Liberals for Labour after the First World War, today those orphaned by Labour's failures will find a better progressive home in liberal values of fairness, sustainability, civil rights and internationalism. The contrast between Labour and liberals is starkest in their different approaches to power. While Labour hoards at the centre, liberals believe that power must be dispersed away from government - downwards to individuals and communities, and upwards to the international institutions needed to tackle our collective problems.

State-centered, top-down solutions are wholly out of step with the demands of our age. Devising a fairer tax system, protecting civil liberties, reforming our clapped-out politics, breaking up monopolistic banks, devolving public services and developing a new concept of green citizenship and internationalism - all require the radical dispersal of power that liberals champion.

The red-blue pendulum of British politics has lost its momentum. As the sun sets on Labour's claim to progressive leadership, this pamphlet calls on progressives everywhere to seize the liberal moment."

The views expressed are those of the author.