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Edited by Simon Parker and Sophia Parker, Unlocking Innovation collects essays and analysis from a wide range of public sector experts and practitioners. The chapters offer lessons on how public services can better engage their users based on examples of best practice in the public and private sectors.

The collection includes contributions from:
•    Paul Coen, Chief Executive of the Local Government Association arguing that local authorities should learn how to develop and spread innovation without relying on Whitehall direction.
•    Sir David Varney, Treasury Adviser on transformational government calling for services to improve effectiveness and efficiency by focusing new technologies on front line delivery as well as back office functions.
•    Geoff Mulgan, Former Head of Policy in the Prime Ministers Office on the challenges of scaling up small, local initiatives.
It also presents a series of case studies that showcase citizen-focused innovation in action, including:
•         ‘In Control’, a social enterprise that provides social care users with easy and flexible access to individual budgets, making it simple for them to choose their own package of services.
•         Hammersmith and Fulham council using detailed survey data to redesign their customer contact centre to better serve local people.
•         Public private partnerships for tenant management organisations using deep dialogue with local residents to improve levels of service in social housing.
•         ‘Innovative ecosystems’ that have allowed educationalists, academics and artists to come together to build ‘mediascapes’ that allow pupils to enter a virtual world of sights and sounds in order to learn in an interactive and cooperative way.

The collection was launched at a breakfast discussion on the 10th July with Local Government Minister John Healey, Paul Coen, Mark Armstrong (HP) and the editors and was attended by senior civil servants and public service professionals.

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