Peter Harrington, Beatrice Karol Burks
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In the wake of Labour's worst poll results in three generations on 4 June 2009, Demos asked some the left's leading thinkers to offer their diagnosis of the party and prescribe what it needs to do to revive itself. Their reponses, collected in this book, are unanimous on the need for urgent renewal. But they differ widely on what shape that renewal should take.

The essays also propose a wide range of policies and reforms - to tackle inequality, reform the constitution and above all to radically open up both politics and the party. These policies represent the values they believe should lie at the foundation of the progressive Labour movement. It is the debate over these values that will restore Labour as a party of progressive ideas and action.

The contributors are:

Jon Cruddas - MP for Dagenham
Alan Finlayson - Reader in Politics and International Relations, Swansea University
David Marquand - Visiting Fellow, University of Oxford
Jenni Russell - Writer, broadcaster and columnist for the Guardian
Tristram Hunt - Lecturer in History at Queen Mary, University of London
Lisa Harker and Carey Oppenheim - Co-directors, Institute for Public Policy Research
Rushanara Ali - Associate Director at the Young Foundation
Jessica Asato - Acting Director of Progress
Phillip Blond - Director of the Progressive Conservatism Project at Demos
Kevin Jefferys - Professor of Contemporary History at Plymouth University
Tessa Jowell - Minister for the Cabinet Office and the Olympics, and Paymaster General
Sunder Katwala - General Secretary of the Fabian Society
Neal Lawson - Chair of Compass
Michael Meacher - Former Environment Secretary
Jonathan Rutherford - Professor of Cultural Studies, Middlesex University
Stuart White - Director of the Public Policy Unit at the University of Oxford
Philip Collins - Chair of Trustees, Demos
Martin Bright - Political journalist and founder of New Deal of the Mind
Maurice Glasman - Director, Faith and Citizenship Programme at London Met University