12th March 2013, 10:00AM

What it would mean to have a society that is more 'responsible'? Control Shift explores this question through exmining the trends in attitudes to the balance of risk and responsibility between the state and the individual. The discussion will explore the new policy ideas proposed by the report in areas as diverse as public health, community regeneration and personal financial planning. The report argues that there is a need for a rebalancing of the relationship between individuals, communities and the state. The ways in which this can be achiveved as laid out in the report will be focused upon at this event, looking specifically at the measures suggested to increase resilience and responsibility amongst individuals, families and neighbourhoods. 

Speakers will include:

Nick Hurd MP, Minister for Civil Society

Claire Fox, Director, the Institute of Ideas

Gary Shaughnessy, CEO UK Life, Zurich Assurance

Mike Thatcher, Editor of Public Finance magazine (Chair)

Max Wind-Cowie, Head of the Progressive Conservatism Project at Demos, will present the findings of the report

This event will be hosted by David Goodhart, Director of Demos and Stephen Lewis, CEO UKGI and Shared Services, Zurich Insurance. 

Control Shift makes a series of recommendations designed to promote the rebalancing of risk and responsibility and shift control from the state to individuals and communities. Discussion will centre on the a 'nudge-plus' policy of proactively encouraging individuals, businesses and society in general to assume greater responsibilty for the management of risks. One of the central ideas stemming from the findings of the report is a 'community cash back' scheme, rewarding communitites that reduce the need for statory services in their area through schemes such as Neighbourhood Watch. Another recommendation is to establish a 'Risk Commission' to examine attitudes to risk. This event will discuss the role such measures can play in shifting responsibility away from the state and towards society itself. Thus, reducing costs of public services whilst simultaneously creating a healthier, more aware and a safer society. 

This event will be held on Tuesday 12 March at a Westminster venue, refreshments will be served from 10am for a prompt 10.30am start. For more information and to register to attend, please email or call 02073676331 with any access queries.