Poverty in Perspective

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This project aims to improve our understanding of poverty in Britain, by looking more closely at the lived experience of those in poverty.

Poverty is a multi-dimensional phenomenon – this project investigates what those dimensions are and how they interact for different households. In this video, Deputy Director Claudia Wood introduces the project and makes the case for a multi-dimensional approach to poverty.

Below you will find links to explore the poverty types, view the practical toolkit that Demos has developed to provide guidance on how to tackle these poverty types on the frontline, and read more about the research methods.

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Poverty types

People living in poverty are not a homogeneous group. This project identified poverty types across three main cohorts - households with children (child poverty), childless working age households and pensioners.

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The toolkit

Demos has created a ‘toolkit’ that will enable councils, charities and other practitioners to better identify different types of poverty, and tailor their services to tackle each type.

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This research, carried out by Demos and NatCen, aims to improve our understanding of the different ways that people experience poverty, and the different combinations of factors that are involved.

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Our research combined analysis of the Understanding Society dataset, interviews with families in poverty and local piloting.

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